Rick MultiVersus Information – Strikes, Combos, Ideas and Extra

Rick MultiVersus Information - Strikes, Combos, Ideas and Extra

This information covers the whole lot it’s essential to know concerning the Rick MultiVersus strikes, combos, and easy methods to play him.

Multiversus’ newest character is Rick, the scientist protagonist from Rick and Morty. The character has a inventive moveset that makes him stand except for the opposite Mages already within the sport. The Rick MultiVersus moveset is inventive. If you wish to grasp the character,, although, some methods and particulars about his strikes will help.

Rick is coming into the sport with a roster that’s fairly properly established now. With different buffs and nerfs within the patch, the MultiVersus tier list has turn out to be fairly totally different. How precisely does Rick match into it? The character is wanting robust early. He’s undoubtedly an attention-grabbing decide, even coming after Gizmo’s addition.

On this information, we’ll run by way of all of the strikes and ideas it’s essential to know to grasp Rick in MultiVersus. That is how the whole lot works:

Rick MultiVersus Information

MultiVersus Rick Guide -

Rick MultiVersus Particular Strikes

Impartial Particular – Meeseeks and Destroy

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Meeseeks

It will summon a Meeseeks character. These blue males will run off in direction of an opponent, and injury them in the event that they join. These will be aimed. You need to use the directional inputs proper after the particular inputs to direct them in a selected manner. That’s what left and proper do. Up will make a Meeseeks uppercut within the air. Down will see a golf membership getting pulled out as an alternative as soon as near an enemy.

Whereas commanding the Meeseeks, you’re holding out a field. Nevertheless, when you’ve instructed them, you’ll be able to put it away and get again to combating. The swing of the golf membership can provide you a guard behind you, nice for combos. The golf membership swing additionally hits enemy projectiles again at them.

You need to use two Meeseeks with this transfer, you then go right into a cooldown. You may cancel out of controlling the Meeseeks by dodging. If you happen to do that together with your first Meeseeks, you’ll be able to command two directly. 

Meeseeks are one of many higher components of the Rick MultiVersus moveset. They make take some apply. Particularly to essentially grasp what course you’re sending them out. Nevertheless, these generally is a key software in combos. You may also use them to power your opponents to dodge, baiting them right into a place the place you’ll be able to hit with an assault.

Impartial Air – Meeseeks Up Right here

This assault will be performed within the air. You’ll nonetheless summon a Meeseeks however use it to drift as an alternative of attacking. This transfer will make you drift off to the facet somewhat because the Meeseeks flaps his arms to maintain you up. It is a helpful mobility software. The flapping arms hit gamers. Though the injury doesn’t do a lot it is actually only for restoration.

Portal Concept – Floor or Air Facet

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Portals

This one of many Rick MultiVersus strikes is on the extra sophisticated facet. It includes Rick organising portals. As soon as activated, you’ll be able to intention his portal gun to create portals. You may undergo the portals to maneuver across the stage when two are energetic.

Projectiles will undergo these portals as properly. Utilizing the transfer within the air works the identical, however you’re creating two directly to permit for faster motion. Your teammate can transfer by way of the portals with a dodge too.

This one has good potential to be used in additional thought-out performs. With projectiles and different weapons going by way of the portals, a well-placed set could make the stage fairly complicated on your opponents. It’d take some set-up. It may well actually repay, although.

The portals take one participant, then they shrink. After that, they solely take projectiles they don’t take gamers anymore.

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Portal Air

Capturing it within the air means that you can float and intention the portal, the place you’re immediately going to look when you activate them. Nice for restoration.

Enemies going by way of a single portal will carry them again to you, which generally is a nice combo extension software in case your positioning is ideal.

This transfer is nice for big-brain performs. It wants some planning, and cooldown administration, however this may be flashy.

Cooldown Facet

Whereas your portal is on cooldown, you do a reasonably commonplace facet rush transfer on skies as an alternative. It’s a pleasant alternative. It isn’t a key a part of the Rick MultiVersus toolkit, however it’s good to have.

Down Floor or Air – Polymorphrick Ray

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Polymorpth

The down particular of Rick MultiVersus strikes has you fireplace out a projectile. It will journey slowly earlier than detonating with a large space of affect. It damages opponents. Extra importantly, although, it applies a buff.  To teammates, it applies Morphized. That will increase their dimension and makes their projectiles do extra injury together with knockback and projectile dimension getting elevated too. It’s a good impact.

The ray may have attention-grabbing results on enemies too. It makes them into Reindog. Whereas on this kind, they’ll’t assault and can take additional injury. It is a transfer with a variety of potential for those who coordinate together with your teammate. Trapping an opponent as Reindog will be deadly if each of you’re lined as much as rack up heavy injury on them.

This has an enormous cooldown, however it’s a giant a part of Rick’s MultiVersus playstyle. It’s a terrific transfer.

Up Floor and Air – Jetpack

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Jetpack

The up particular for Rick is a little more easy than a variety of the opposite strikes right here. This one has you pull out a jetpack. It prices up somewhat earlier than sending you flying upwards. You’ll knock opponents and do injury if it connects.

This one isn’t loopy sophisticated. Be careful for the hurtbox although, Rick is a smaller character vertically than he might sound. This hits twice, which is a pleasant enhance when totally charged. It may well additionally spike enemies upwards a bit. 

Rick MultiVersus Normal Strikes

Specials are cool, however the usual assaults are your bread and butter. These commonplace assaults don’t have the identical stage of cooldowns and also you’ll have to grasp utilizing these to rack up first rate injury in your opponents. With Rick’s MultiVersus moveset, it’s possible you’ll find yourself with cooldowns making you depend on these assaults a bit extra. These are all of Rick’s commonplace strikes:

Impartial Assault – Itchy Ricker Finer

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Blaster

It is a projectile assault from Rick’s blaster. It may well cost like Samus’s gun. When charged all the best way, the shot will deal extra knockback, though it strikes slower too. On the base, this does minimal injury and no knockback. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to spam it.

Spamming it is among the higher bits of utility for this transfer. You may fireplace this out almost continuous, each within the air and on the bottom. If enemies are attempting to get shut, it is a nice strategy to preserve the stress on and cease them from progressing. It may well make an excellent opening poke. You need to use it to interrupt an opponent by closing the hole. Whereas it may not be too robust uncharged, you’ll be able to throw this out so typically it will get significantly annoying.

Facet Assault – You Like Arguments?

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Combo

That is the combo assault. You pull out a plasma sword to strike enemies together with kicks. The ultimate assault is a rocket projectile from an arm canon. The projectile has a forcefield when within the air. You may cost the primary hit. Or you’ll be able to cost so as to add extra stress.

Air Facet

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Neutral Air

Rick makes use of his forcefield belt to shock enemies. This one has a decent-sized hurtbox in comparison with a variety of Rick’s MultiVersus strikes, it’s certainly one of his higher up-close strikes.

Floor Up – Plasma Whip, Child!  MultiVersus Rick Guide - Plasma

You pull out a plasma whip which you’ll be able to swing upwards. That is chargeable too. You will get some actual injury out of this. What’s attention-grabbing is that this transfer does hit twice. It hits on the swing up, then once more on the prime of the whip swing, and a perk could make this spike down including a 3rd hit to this as a combo. From there you’ll be able to bridge in a unique transfer to maintain the combo going.

Air Up

MultiVersus Rick Guide - UppercutThe air commonplace assault has Rick pushing a mega seed upwards. It offers allies a CDR buff and silences enemies. You may hit opponents with this to use the impact. The silence situation doesn’t final too lengthy, although. The up cooldown is somewhat longer, you’ll be able to nonetheless use the transfer however you don’t have the mega seed to offer the results.

Down Floor – Yeah, Fart Bomb!

That is one other projectile assault. You thru a bomb in entrance of Rick that launches the opponent upwards. There isn’t an actual cooldown on this, however animations that stop you from throwing it out too typically. Sending an opponent up within the air generally is a nice opener for an aerial combo. It’ll be attention-grabbing when Rick’s been out for longer and we will see high-level gamers making use of this, it even performs into a number of the Rick MultiVersus combos.

Down Air

MultiVersus Rick Guide -

This transfer has you blast downward with rocket boots. As with a few of his upward assaults, watch the hitbox on this one. Rick is fairly skinny. Even in comparison with the smaller characters.  This ignites opponents because it’s fireplace which is at all times a pleasant bonus.

Rick MultiVersus Perks

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Perks

Perks are a novel mechanic in MultiVersus that allows you to apply bonuses to a personality. Every character has entry to some normal picks, together with some specialty ones which might be constructed for his or her moveset. You’ll should grind to unlock all of them. These are all of Rick’s perks within the sport:

Utility Perks

Coffeezilla – Your group has 10% lowered potential cooldown period.Gravity Manipulation – Your group will get 10% elevated quick fall velocity.

Offensive Perks

Painted Goal – Your group offers 5% extra injury on hit stun enemies.Armor Crush – Your group’s charged assaults will break armor.

Defensive Perks

Clear the Air – Non-heavy enemy projectiles are destroyed while you dodge the projectile

Signature Perks

Hephaestus, Who? – When Rick’s whip assault is totally charged the ultimate hit spikes enemies downward.Squanchin’ Pyrotechnics – Your portals have an extended cooldown, however allies that undergo the portal ignore the enemy’s subsequent melee assault. Projectiles that go by way of will ignite enemies, and enemies that go by way of will probably be ignited.Little bit of a Stickler Meeseeks – Meeseek’s deal double injury to fighters which might be in hit stun.

Rick MultiVersus Gameplay Information

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Poly blaster 

Rick MultiVersus is listed as an skilled character, fairly than one of many extra accessible ones. These prepared to spend a while studying his ins and outs although will discover him to be a personality with a variety of potential. As a Mage character, you’re aiming to interact from a distance with a good few of his strikes. You’ll want to consider positioning and zoning to make use of his projectiles to manage the stage.

One of many greater elements of Rick’ moveset is cooldowns. His portal has a hefty one. This generally is a drawback, so administration of your strikes goes to be essential. Between cooldowns, you’ll have to concentrate to his commonplace assaults to maintain opponents at bay. Make sure you’re coordinating cooldowns. You and your teammate can be sure you’re not each locked out massive components of your moveset directly.

Rick MultiVersus Combos

MultiVersus Rick Guide -

In MultiVersus, you’ll be able to string collectively unrelated strikes into combos. These are nice to memorize as they let you’ll be able to a variety of injury in with out most gamers with the ability to get out. Some have already been discovered for Rick. These are the combos:

Facet Assault – Down Assault – Up AssaultWith a portal forward of you – Facet Attck – Facet Assault – Facet Assault – Up Assault – On this one, the opponent is bounced throw the portal persevering with the combo.Down Air – Facet Assault – Up Assault – Up AirCharged Impartial – Facet Air – Facet Assault – Up Assault

There are much more inventive combos you should utilize for those who’re throwing in Meeseeks and portals. These are a number of the fundamentals that you may work into your matches although.

Who’s Rick?

Rick is among the two titular protagonists in Rick and Morty. An Grownup Swim cartoon that’s had runaway viral success because it launched in 2013. He’s a play-off of the Doc Brown-style character from Again to the Future. Over the present’s 5 seasons to this point although, he’s had sufficient improvement to make him stand out from these origins. As a MultiVersus addition, Rick joins Morty who got here to the roster at first of Season 1.

The moveset for Rick in MultiVersus displays his character within the cartoon. He makes good use of weapons and inventive innovations fairly than brawling hand handy.

That’s the whole lot you want about Rick MultiVersus set-up. He’s one of many extra inventive characters within the sport thus far. You will get loopy with the portals, Meeseeks, and combo potential.

Author: Joshua Evans