Last Fantasy XIV – Tips on how to play Sage

Last Fantasy XIV - Tips on how to play Sage

Be taught all the things it’s essential to find out about Last Fantasy XIVs healer with a lasergun.

It would ceaselessly stay a thriller to us how Sq. Enix lands on a Job’s aesthetics. White/Black Mage? Simply somebody with an enormous stick, that is cool, completely logical. Someway White + Black magic creates Crimson Mage? Has a sword and sick backflips? I assume that is nonetheless honest. However if you consider a healer proper? Particularly one thing with a reputation like Sage. At what level come visions of Gundam and laserguns in your thoughts? Bizarre however okay.

Going Sage-Mode

So what is the cope with Sage then? Apart from being a healer with a gun. Heaps of fast restoration choices, a great deal of mobility, and a fast-paced gameplay model mixes issues up in comparison with different healers. Similar to White Mage, it lags behind when it comes to occasion buffs as soon as everyone seems to be tuned in for the encounter. However should you’re trying to progress raid, or just need the choice to get better when all the things goes flawed. Sage is a best choice for the measured healer that values the well-being of their occasion over large numbers. And also you get some motion choices.


The place did they arrive from?

Ha thought you could possibly get off with no little historical past lesson, did not you? Don’t be concerned we’ll preserve it quick. The Sage is considered one of Last Fantasy’s iconic jobs, even when XIV’s incarnation is extra of a religious descendant than simply an interpretation for an MMORPG. First showing in Last Fantasy III, the Sage is the mirror picture of the enduring Crimson Mage. A grasp of all issues magic however as an alternative of specializing in pace, Sage’s experience lies in devastating spells.

In Last Fantasy XIV, nevertheless, Sage is just like Astrologian one of many many arts the students of Sharlayan have reinvented and mastered. In contrast to the Astrologian who appears to be like in direction of the celebrities for solutions, Sage’s arts discover much more sensible use. Historically a Sage is a wandering scholar trying to deepen their data whereas making use of their craft for the betterment of mankind. Not solely is the artwork proficient in therapeutic and defending but in addition fairly succesful to defend from no matter a scholar would encounter on their lengthy journey.

Tips on how to Unlock Sage

Fortunate for you, Sage is reasonably easy to unlock. Since it’s a complicated job it requires the participant to have at the least one fight job leveled as much as 70. However do additionally remember that you will need to personal the Endwalker enlargement to play the Job. When you meet all the necessities you possibly can head to Limsa Lominsa and settle for the ‘Sage’s Path’ quest. If you have not performed a healer earlier than, you need to undoubtedly try the bottom tutorial within the Corridor of the Novice. Subsequent to Astrologian, Sage might be the toughest of the healers to play and takes just a little to get used to. However we’ll educate you all about it right here.

Tips on how to Heal as a Sage

If you have not checked it out right here, we go usually over how therapeutic in Last Fantasy XIV works here. Most of those ideas will come up once more, however we’ll attempt our bests to make them as digestible and particular as attainable. As talked about above, Sage has a little bit of a studying curve, even when coming from different healers. And it would not play like another caster. It is most likely nearer to a ranged DPS like Bard or Machinist — simply with extra therapeutic and duty.

Equally to Scholar, the Sage is a Defend healer. So as an alternative of slapping regen results on our occasion members after the very fact, we give attention to mitigating injury or giving our co-healer some respiratory room to freshen all people up. Extra importantly, is that as a Sage you completely need to do injury. When you ought to at all times try to sneak in damaging spells in between your heals, Sage truly passively heals whereas dealing injury. So extra injury equals much less to heal equals extra injury. Everyone wins proper?

This capacity is named Kardia and it’s your most necessary software. You wish to have this talent utilized to somebody always, (ideally the tank however we’ll get to that.) One other core mechanic is the flexibility to change between modes. Through the use of Eukrasia your subsequent spell will get the Eukrasia impact, which suggests your heals now apply shields and your damaging spell is now a injury over time impact.

However let’s go over all of your therapeutic spells and when finest to make use of them:


That is your primary therapeutic spell. Fast to make use of to freshen somebody up after they took a beating. However this is the kicker, we do not truly wish to use this spell. Whereas the 450 efficiency heal is nice, it wastes a world cooldown to heal. We now have different assets that permit us fast therapeutic in a pinch. However as a normal rule of thumb, this spell is our final resort as soon as all the things else is on cooldown.

Prognosis Eukrasia

Through the use of Eukrasia, Prognosis turns into Prognosis Eurkrasia and modifications its impact. As a substitute of being a flat heal, it is a heal and a defend impact. Whereas the heal has a flat 300 efficiency, it will additionally apply a defend that’s 180% on high of that. Setting us up with a neat 840 efficiency of HP, even when greater than half of it is just momentary. When you handle to crit the spell, nevertheless, the defend will double in dimension. If the defend breaks, we get one Addersting, (hose purple orbs in your job gauge) and we are able to later use these for injury and a few mobility. Notice that the impact cannot be stacked with a Students Impress.

Normally, you wish to apply this defend each time your tank is about to get hit with a capability or to present your self a while to heal them after a devastating assault. And whereas all injury mitigated is sweet, do not fall into the behavior of regularly slapping a defend in your tank should you do not count on it to interrupt. That is usually a waste of MP and forged time.


Prognosis does precisely the identical factor Prognosis does, simply on your complete occasion with a small sacrifice in efficiency. It flatly heals a efficiency of 300 for each occasion member in vary and is mostly a good suggestion to forged after everybody acquired hit with a party-wide or to freshen all people up. However like Prognosis, now we have off-global cooldown expertise that do the very same factor. So try to use it solely if you’re operating out of these choices.

Prognosis Eukrasia

Once more that is your party-wide therapeutic spell, however this time it applies a defend. Typically a extremely helpful spell, simply do not get into the sample of placing it on the occasion when there isn’t a want for it. It heals for 100 efficiency and applies 320% of that as a defend for 30 seconds. If that defend breaks you will additionally get an extra Addersting, however it would not work on a per-party member foundation. Typically, you wish to forged this proper earlier than party-wide hits and mix it with a few of your different talents in hope that no extra therapeutic will probably be needed afterward. This impact additionally cannot be stacked with the Students Impress.


That is your go-to heal. It heals for a flat 600 efficiency and restores a few of your MP on high of that. The one draw back is that it’s on a little bit of a timer as a result of it requires an Addersgall out of your job bar to make use of. These are the blue orbs. They generate each 20 seconds should you’re in fight and out of doors of sticky conditions you will most likely by no means run out of them. So if anybody requires therapeutic, simply weave his off world cooldown between your casts for a fast heal.


Similar to Druochole is your go-to heal for a single goal, Ixochole is your go-to each time it’s essential to heal up your complete occasion. With a flat efficiency of 400 and a few MP restoration, it’s a honest commerce for only one Addersgall. Typically, you wish to use this over Prognosis, not only for the larger heal however as a result of it would not eat up any of your valuable forged time.


It is a nice party-wide therapeutic capacity, particularly if you wish to complement different therapeutic actions. Coming off cooldown each 60 seconds and never being in your world cooldown that is the right talent to weave after the complete occasion acquired hit. With a efficiency of 130 for 15 seconds, therapeutic a complete efficiency of 650. It additionally boosts another therapeutic by 10% for 10 seconds so it is a capability you wish to use as usually as attainable.


Pepsis is a bit bizarre to make use of, let’s be sincere however since it’s on a comparatively quick cooldown timer it’s nonetheless actually helpful. In idea, you should utilize it to sacrifice your shields utilized by Eukresian Prognosis/Prognosis for large heals. In follow, you wish to use it when you recognize your shields will not break after a partywide or a tankbuster or no matter with a purpose to nonetheless get one thing out of it. I do know, making use of a defend and getting a heal out of it proper after sounds profitable at first. However simply therapeutic your goal flatly will even do the trick with none additional steps.


That is the talent you wish to press each time the occasion is about to be hit with one thing large. The reasonably lengthy cooldown of 120 seconds makes it actually arduous to put it accurately should you’re going off intuition, so understanding an encounter will provide help to with that. Not solely does it heal for 300 efficiency, however it additionally applies a defend of the identical efficiency to everybody affected by it for 30 seconds. It will additionally apply a ten% injury discount to all occasion members. Make good use of this talent, particularly earlier than a stack mechanic.


For one Addersgall you get a pleasant 7% MP restoration, a ten% defensive buff for everybody in vary, and a regen impact for 15 seconds with a complete 500 treatment efficiency. By and enormous, you wish to use this one when your occasion is about to get hit. You wish to time it proper earlier than the assault truly hits to get all the things out of that regen impact. That is the proactive model of the flexibility.


On the opposite finish, now we have Taurochole, whereas this additionally applies a ten% defensive buff and recovers some MP for Addersgall, it additionally heals a complete of 700 efficiency for everybody in vary. It’s a nice partywide heal and the defensive buff can be fairly good. You wish to use it instantly after your occasion acquired hit and it’s essential to get some large heals out quick. Beware nevertheless that you would be able to’t stack the consequences of Kerachole and Taurochole.


Technically a damage-dealing spell, however it additionally heals for tons so we’re simply gonna put this right here. Pneuma is a powerful capacity that may hit a number of targets, it offers about as a lot injury as your commonplace Dosis forged, however that is not what we use it for. As a result of each time it does do injury, it additionally heals everybody inside a sure radio for efficiency of 600. So it does an enormous heal and you do not even need to waste a world cooldown for the sake of harm uptime. When you actually wish to get all the things out of it although, attempt utilizing it together with Zoe after large partywide injury.


That is only a nice capacity, it applies 5 stacks on a goal of your selecting and for each stack, it’s going to grand a defend of 300 efficiency and heal for a efficiency of 150. So this makes this talent just about the go-to each time there’s a large tankbuster on the best way to smash somebody’s day. In your commonplace Savage state of affairs, you will most likely have to make use of this talent on cooldown. Simply ensure to coordinate mitigation together with your tanks and co-healer. You by no means wish to run right into a state of affairs wherein you will all run out of cooldowns to deal with mechanics.


Panhaima does the very same factor Haima does only for a number of targets. Nicely, not fairly. The efficiency of the shields is all the way down to 200 and the heals are all the way down to a efficiency of 100. That also makes it the type of capacity you undoubtedly wish to apply each time an enormous partywide injury is incoming. However like with another large cooldown, you wish to coordinate this together with your fellow occasion members. That being stated, combining Panhaima with Kerachole or Taurochole will most likely get you thru most partywide injury.


Esuna is a necessary software in any healer’s equipment. Grossly oversimplified, it eliminated sure detrimental results from occasion members. You possibly can spot these results on the occasion listing, normally the image is an arrow with a graphic pointing down with a white line on high, indicating that you would be able to dispel it by casting Esuna.


That is your battle increase capacity. It lets you revive a celebration member throughout fight for fairly the MP penalty in your facet. Reviving occasion members is a little bit of an artwork type as a result of it not solely requires you to concentrate to what your co-healer is doing it additionally requires you to run down a psychological guidelines. You at all times wish to get your tanks up as quickly as attainable so you will not die to a boss’s auto assaults. Subsequent up is the opposite healer after which the DPS. Ought to you’ve a Crimson Mage in your occasion, you need to prioritize them, since their fast elevating is a godsend.

It is usually the type of capacity you wish to keep away from arduous casting. The just about 8 seconds of forged time will lock you into place for an extended, very long time and you will have to interrupt the forged to maneuver. Attempt to forged Egerio solely throughout downtime in a combat or, extra importantly, attempt to use Switfcast to kill the casting course of solely.

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An Array of different Talents

Now that we have coated therapeutic, let’s go over all of your different talents. These are typically passive buffs for your self or easy motion talents that make life just a little simpler.


On paper, that is your most necessary capacity by placing this buff on one other occasion member, you passively heal them with each assault spell you forged. Each single considered one of your damaging spells will now heal the goal with a efficiency of 170. You wish to have this capacity in your primary tank always it doesn’t matter what. That additionally means you will have to concentrate to tankbusters and tank swaps to use the flexibility in keeping with the state of affairs.


Soteria needs to be thought-about supplemental materials to Kardia. It applies a 70% buff to every of your Kardia heals 4 instances in a row for 15 seconds. Because it’s on a reasonably prolonged cooldown, you wish to experiment with it just a little to determine the place to place it. Ideally you wish to use it proper after a tankbuster to clean up your favourite meatshield just a bit bit quicker. Simply ensure to not waste it, however to determine it out it’s essential to get a sense for the talent and this will range from combat to combat. So experiment with it just a little.


Straight ahead, a 50% buff to your subsequent therapeutic spell. That is proper. Your subsequent therapeutic spell. So do not go and attempt to get Taurochole’s heal even larger. As a substitute, you will most likely wish to use this capacity proper earlier than you apply a defend to both a single goal or the complete occasion, because the buff will even have an effect on the dimensions of your defend. And you’ve got hit the jackpot when that talent additionally crits.


This is applicable a 20% buff to all therapeutic actions for the subsequent 10 seconds. Coordinate it together with your co-healer with a purpose to handle any type of partywide injury. Because it’s on a comparatively quick cooldown, you need to try to apply it as a lot as attainable.


Easy and simple, Rhizomata offers you an extra Addersgall to spend on considered one of your therapeutic talents. It tends to be just a little tough to weave however we advocate not utilizing it on cooldown. As a substitute, stick with it till you want that extra Addersgall to make ends meet.


It is a nice capacity on your lazy healer that values forged time over motion. The one factor you want for this capacity is belief in your fellow occasion members. Each 45 seconds you get to hurry to the placement of a celebration member with no penalty in any respect. Nice to save lots of your self from mechanics and even larger should you plan to greed only one extra Dosis forged.

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Allotting the Pains

After we have mentioned at size the way to do all of the annoying healer stuff, let’s discuss in regards to the precise enjoyable a part of taking part in any job: doing numbers.

The Sage is, in idea, just a little totally different from the opposite healers. Aggression shouldn’t be solely pure, the perform of Kardia encourages it. As a Sage, you always need to make the choice to use a defend with a purpose to get motion again later. Right here we’ll go over each single goal and multi-target rotations in addition to some methods for injury optimization.

Single Goal

Like another healer, your rotation revolved round conserving injury over time impact utilized to the goal always whereas spamming your one button that really does injury. Sounds reasonably easy proper? Nicely, you’ve another enjoyable buttons to make use of throughout all of that to spice issues up just a little. However bear in mind that you’ve a comparatively quick forged time for spells, so weaving a couple of capacity in between casts is subsequent to inconceivable.

You wish to begin an encounter through the use of Dosis round 1.5 seconds earlier than pulling to get that candy additional injury from the get-go. Then you definitely weave Eukrasia to hit the goal with a Eukrasia Dosis to use your injury over time impact and then you definately’re free to forged some extra Dosis. However after the second or third Dosis forged, you most likely wish to eliminate your Phlegma costs for additional injury. Technically that is actually easy. Solid Dosis and sometimes spam Phlegma for additional injury whereas conserving your injury over time impact up.

It solely will get tough as soon as we discuss just a little about optimizing our injury output. Since most jobs are on a 2-minute timer for his or her large injury buffs, we wish to be sure that now we have two Phlegma costs prepared for that buff window. Since Phlegma is on a 45-second cooldown nevertheless this will get arduous to line up. Whereas we wish to take advantage of out of our two costs, we additionally do not wish to sit on them for too lengthy. That is arduous to optimize round however it’s additionally when the enjoyable is available in.

We’ll even have to speak about Toxikon right here as a result of it is a bizarre capacity. It makes use of the Addersting useful resource in your job meter and does the identical injury as Dosis. The one distinction is that it has no forged time and permits you some freedom of motion. You get Addersting each time your utilized shields break, so it is just a little little bit of a refund for losing one world cooldown on such unimportant duties as conserving the tank alive and also you get some mobility again. So do not precisely go fishing for this explicit capacity, simply use it when you’ve it to maneuver extra comfortably or create larger home windows to weave your talents with.


In comparison with this, Multi-Goal is so simple as it could possibly get. You possibly can comfortably forged Dyskrasia each time there are 2 or extra enemies round and you will not be ready for any injury. After all, you wish to preserve utilizing Phlegma as a lot as attainable, however that is a given at this level. Toxikon might be the extra attention-grabbing case right here since now it truly unveils its correct worth. Particularly in large dungeon pulls, preserve ensuring the defend in your tank retains breaking as a result of casting Toxikon on a number of enemies will nonetheless be a DPS acquire.

Sage Summed Up

Now you’re armed with all of the data to be a correct Sage. However permit me some parting phrases… Initially, try to crit your shields as a lot as attainable. Some buffs, like Bard’s Wanders’s Minuet, can affect your vital hit charge, so make good use of it. Every part else is fairly self-explanatory from right here on out.

Sage does take just a little bit to get used to, particularly should you’re not used to taking part in a healer and extra particularly a defend healer. Lining up your expertise proper because the injury is coming in makes this job greater than satisfying. Virtually as satisfying as watching your characters do bizarre kicks and punches within the air, putting probably the most fabulous of poses with a purpose to rating model factors whereas preventing and therapeutic.

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Author: Joshua Evans